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Duck Dungeon

Duck Dungeon-logo
Duck Dungeon is a game where you play as a duck. An evil goose has stolen your bread, and you must bring it back. You will face many obstacles in your quest to bring back the holy bread.

< Controls >

Duck Dungeon-controls
Use WASD to move and 1,2,3 and 4 to switch weapons and use your mouse to point & shoot.

< Credit >

credit-DiamondGolurk DiamondGolurk Programming Game Design
credit-Txtur txtur Textures Game Design
credit-tRoboticGamer tRoboticGamer Sound Design Tilemap
credit-Prince527 Prince527 Web Design Game Design
Special Thanks to credit-CastNormal, credit-wam, credit-Cr1ms0n and all those who were there during this process <3
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